About Us

Diaspora Philes began with years of conversation.

We’re old friends, born in London to Nigerian parents who moved over to the UK in the late 80s. Since then, we’ve been working out how the world should pronounce our names, trying to tame our voluminous hair, and resisting the urge to find stable professions.

Which brings us here, to this podcast. We were born into diaspora, away from the place our parents and ancestors call home. Our roots are elsewhere, and difficult to dig up. On top of that, our names, skin, and hair make it clear that although Britain is the only place we know as home, we’re not from here, not really. Even though we are.

That nonsense contradiction reflects something about the hazy state of living in diaspora, where home is familiar and foreign at the same time, and national boundaries do not fit neatly around the shape of our experiences.

Although this confusion can be a burden, the complexity of living in diaspora has also been a blessing. Diaspora is not only a place where cultures clash, but also where they meet.

This podcast is a way of turning our experience of diaspora into a literal meeting-place, discovering the common ground between people who feel in place out of place.

We want to document the lived experience of people across different diasporas, exploring our shared experiences, as well as the stories that make us different.

The journey to discovering where exactly we belong might never end, but through these conversations, we’re exploring what it means to feel at home.